10 Years and Many More, Insya Allah…


holding handsLoving a person for almost 10 years is a wonderful experience. Living with a person for almost 10 years and watching him grows really makes me think that people can really do process to becoming right for each other.  He listens to my inputs and he constantly making efforts to be better.

When we got married, I know he is the answer of my du’a to Allah. As years got by, I discovered things about him that makes me understand the truly meaning of that. Many times he amazes me, making me think that, Subhanallah.. how can a person be so right for me.

He is my partner in life, and my partner in educating our children. I feel comfortable sharing him my dreams about our family, because I know he will listen and take part of what we will do to reach that.

I want to make him happy and I know he does too.

Our children is his fans. They will run to the door with joy, welcoming him home from work. He is their playmate, and almost everyday i’m asked by the children, “Bunda, what time is it now? What time will Ayah come home?” and I’m finding my self asking the same question too everyday.

I love him. I tell him whenever I got the chance. But sometimes those words doesn’t really show him what I feel inside. What I’m writing now doesn’t really truly expressed that feeling either. But let me say this.. Sayang, I’ve been loving you for almost 10 years, and I want to love you many more years to come, Insya Allah…


About Rika

Bunda 3 anak yang mudah-mudahan selalu bersemangat belajar. Sedang hobi memasak, terutama memasak kue. Suka membaca dan menulis. Saat ini, sedang berusaha bergulat menyeimbangkan antara pekerjaan rumah sehari-hari tanpa asisten rumah tangga dan meng-home education-kan ketiga anaknya, Abdan Syakuro, Aisha Ain Al Saba dan Aqilla Ibtihal Imani.

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