How to Use a Unit Study Map


By Lynn W, eHow member

When making a unit study, one of the first steps is to brainstorm the theme (see article How to Create a Unit Study in the resources below). Using a Unit Study Map helps simplify the process. A Unit Study Map lets you plot your ideas and put them under the proper subject. It gives you a foundation on which to create a plan for your unit study.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Unit Study Map
  • pencil

Instructions :

  1. First, down load the Unit Study Map from the bottom of the page in the resources or you can use your own map if you prefer.
  2. Next, add the topic that you want to study for your unit study in the center of the map.
  3. Then, start your brainstorming process. On the Unit Study Map, you want to keep the topics broad, this is not the place for the fine point planning. The map itself is broken down into different subject boxes for you to write your ideas in.
  4. Start with the easier topics. Obviously if your unit study is about WWII, then in the history box, you will write WWII.After you have completed the easy ones, then start tackling the harder ones. Under science for WWII, what would you write? Well, it could be airplanes, aeronautics, nutrition (because of the rationing), ballistics, or possibly something else. Write down any topics that you can think of. You will narrow them down in the planning stage.Under spelling and vocabulary write down any words associate with the subject that you can think of, you will narrow down the list in the planning stage.

  5. Now you are ready for the planning stage. See my article How to Use a Unit Study Planner for help with this next stage, it is listed in the resources below.
  6. Make sure you check the resources below and you may also want to check the related articles on the sides of the article for more information.